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Why workout with us?

Boost your Fitness

We aren't a regular personal training session, we help you achieve from the small to big things within our session, from dropping a few pounding to lifting your bodyweight for fun

Nutritional Training

We don't just tell you about nutrition, we teach you and show you. We understand that nutrition can be over complicated but we have broken it down into bite-size chunks for you to get to grips with nutrition and how we can use it to an advantage

Strength training

We don't just lift weights or go for a run. We improve on your posture, helping reduce stress on the muscles and joints we help you become a stronger YOU!

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Within our programs, we teach you how to execute an exercise that will help you towards your goal. Making you become leaner and stronger

If nutrition is your downfall, don’t worry we have you covered with our easy to read nutritional manual.

You’ll also be added to our VIP Facebook Group with help and support from all the team.

Our personal training and semi-private training sessions are within a fun, relaxed environment. Everyones there for a goal just like you. Become part of the team by contacting us for your free sessions.


Personal Training Sessions in Glasgow, Scotland

At BFIT, our personal trainers are what make us great, and we were even nominated for the Best Personal Training Glasgow Service Award in 2020.

We’re dedicated to providing safe, effective training programmes, that make improving your mental and physical wellbeing simple and fun!

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Why should I make fitness part of my life?

Going to the gym isn’t just about weight loss or looking good on the beach – it’s about taking care of both your body and your mind.

Regular exercise is an excellent way to keep your heart, lungs, and brain in great condition, and can also increase your flexibility, even as you get older. It’s proven to improve your bone strength, energy levels, and can even ensure your immune system stays strong.

Working on your fitness also gives you something to aim towards, and can even be a great way to learn new skills, as you master different exercises and equipment in the gym.

It’s also an excellent way to de-stress, clear your mind, and even boost your focus throughout the day. Making positive changes to your diet and activity levels can really improve how you feel about your body and general appearance, and also helps release those mood-boosting endorphins.

Most importantly, exercising regularly is a good way to have fun and discover a new passion!

Why work with a personal trainer?

Personal training might seem a bit daunting, especially if you’re just starting out on your fitness journey. However, a personal trainer can give you detailed, personalised tips that will allow you to get in shape the right way – no matter your level of experience.

Here are just a few ways that getting support from a personal trainer can help you:

  • A Personalised Plan

When you’re getting fit alone, it can be hard to maintain your progress and avoid those notorious plateaus without the right plan. No matter if you’re trying to reduce fat, build muscle, or target a few key areas, using the right training schedule is essential to achieving your goals.

Your personal trainer will help you develop a fitness plan that not only allows you to achieve the results you want, but that also fits in with your current lifestyle, too.

Regardless of how committed you are, without a plan you enjoy, your workout just won’t feel right. For this reason, our trainers will always carry out a comprehensive consultation with you, in order to develop the perfect scheme for your needs. They’ll select classes and equipment you already like to use, and will even suggest new exercises to help keep everything varied and interesting!

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  • Essential Information

Exercising the right way is incredibly important – it can stop you from burning out, and can even help you avoid an injury. For this reason, our training staff are committed to helping you learn about fitness, in addition to meeting those crucial goals.

Whether they’re helping you improve your posture during strength training, or showing you the correct breathing pattern while running, our PTs will be with you every step of the way. Not only will they show you how to improve your fitness level in the right manner, but they’ll also allow you to develop your knowledge of different techniques, and truly take control of your own wellbeing!

  • Nutrition Tips

It’s well known that abs are made in the kitchen as well as the gym, and when you’re making big lifestyle changes, improving your diet can be a good place to start. If you’re working out often, it’s important to give your body the fuel it needs, and our personal training staff are here to give you all the right hints and tips.

Food and nutrition can be incredibly personal, so our PTs will always make sure to be as sensitive as possible. They’ll always recommend diets that are tailored to your physique and fitness goals, and will help you develop a nutrition plan that will support you throughout your fitness journey and beyond!

  • Motivation

Sticking to your training schedule can sometimes be tricky, especially when life gets busy! Boosting motivation is a key benefit of personal training, and is one of the biggest reasons why people come to BFIT!

Even fitness industry professionals can struggle with low-motivation and workout procrastination, which is why our PTs are experts in helping you get your drive back! Whether you’re struggling to finish those reps, or simply need a reminder to attend your training sessions, your PT is here to help you take control and get back on track!

  • Encouragement

Sometimes all we need is a few words of encouragement, and that’s exactly what our personal training sessions are here for!

Whether you’re feeling worried about attending group sessions, or want reassurance that your weight training is working, our PTs are here to support you throughout your entire journey. They’ll be able to offer you advice on how to stay focused, and will help you achieve the confidence you need to succeed!

  • Mental Wellbeing

Regular exercise has been linked to increased happiness levels and better life satisfaction – in addition to your physical fitness, going to the gym can boost your mental wellbeing, too.

Choosing personal training is an excellent way to get out of the house, get moving, and guarantees that you always have someone to discuss your fitness concerns with. A PT will ensure you always approach weight loss and workouts with a positive mentality, and can help you find that all-important balance, too!

Fancy A Free Session?

Why choose BFIT training?

Here at BFIT training, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the best, most effective service possible. Here’s just some of what our personal training packages can offer you:

  • An Award-Winning Service

Not only were we a runner-up in the 2018 Glasgow Personal Training Awards, but we’ve also been nominated for the 2020 Best Personal Training Business Award. All of our team members are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals, and our PTs are truly what makes BFIT great.

We aim to go above and beyond with our personal training programmes, and create fitness plans that are effective, enjoyable, and dynamic. Our group sessions and classes are always fun and relaxed, and we’re dedicated to creating an environment where our entire team works to help and encourage one another.

We’ve also created a range of extra resources so that the support doesn’t stop when you leave the gym. From social media groups to handy nutritional resources, we’ve truly got everything covered. We understand that it can sometimes feel hard to stick to your goals, which is why our PTs are happy to assist you in any way they can.

  • An Online Community

We understand that sometimes personal training support needs to go beyond the gym itself. For this reason, we’re proud to offer outstanding online services that can be accessed anytime, anywhere!

All of our clients are invited to join our VIP Facebook group, where it’s easy to access fitness assistance, or just a bit of extra encouragement! We’re keen to create a positive community of like-minded people, who are happy to help others with their weight loss, strength training, and exercise goals!

We also provide additional resources, such as shopping lists and nutrition manuals, which aim to help you stay on track and learn how to properly nourish your body.

Our PTs are happy to work with you to help create tools that will make your goals easier to achieve. If you’ve got something specific in mind, please reach out to your PT, and they’ll be happy to work with you and provide you with some extra guidance!

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